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2024 Mazda-3

Reviews and Highlights

" the 3 has a fun-to-drive streak but it balances its nimbleness with a compliant ride. Its refined driving persona and upscale interior make for a delicious compact that feels like it's from a class above."


"the 3's distinctive style and refinement make it more enjoyable to drive and own than most other small hatchbacks."

"The Mazda 3 stands out from its rivals with attractive exterior design and an upscale interior."

"The Mazda3 is one of our favorite compact cars to drive. It’s long been one of the more athletic choices in its class, and it upholds that reputation with fun driving dynamics."


"Available turbo power and sharp handling make the 2024 Mazda 3 a fun ride."

"The 2024 Mazda3 stands out from other compact cars with its graceful styling, refined interior, and lively performance."

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